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Personality Type: THE CRAFTSMAN

Overview of your personality type

You are observant artisans with an understanding of mechanics and an interest in troubleshooting. You approach your environments with a flexible logic, looking for practical solutions to the problems at hand. You are independent and adaptable, and typically interact with the world around you in a self-directed, spontaneous manner.

You are attentive to details and responsive to the demands of the world around you. Because of your astute sense of their environment, you are good at moving quickly and responding to emergencies. You are reserved, but not withdrawn: you enjoy taking action, and approaches the world with a keen appreciation for the physical and sensory experiences it has to offer.

You are typically reserved and even aloof. Tolerant and nonjudgmental, you calmly take in the details and facts of your surroundings, noticing sensory data and observing how things work. You often tune into what needs to be done, taking care of the immediate needs of the moment in a modest, inconspicuous way. You tend to prefer action to conversation, and are often private about your personal lives. You are unlikely to “open up” to new people in a conventional way, but may connect with others by sharing an activity or working together to solve a practical problem.

You are good with their hands and often mechanical. You are typically attracted to hands-on hobbies like woodworking or crafts, and may be found tinkering with bicycles, computers, cars, or household appliances. You often have an intuitive understanding of machines and a remarkable ability to fix things. You have an appreciation for risk and action, and often enjoy thrilling leisure activities like extreme sports, motorcycling, or weaponry.

Your personality type has the following traits

  • Interested in how and why things work
  • Do not function well in regimented, structured environments; you will either feel stifled or become intensely bored
  • Constantly gather facts about your environment and store them away
  • Have an excellent ability to apply logic and reason to your immense store of facts to solve problems or discover how things work
  • Learn best “hands-on”
  • Usually able to master theory and abstract thinking, but don’t particularly like dealing with it unless you see a practical application
  • Action-oriented “doers”
  • Focused on living in the present, rather than the future
  • Love variety and new experiences
  • Highly practical and realistic
  • Excellent “trouble-shooters”, able to quickly find solutions to a wide variety of practical problems
  • Results-oriented; you like to see immediate results for your efforts
  • Usually laid-back and easy-going with people
  • Risk-takers who thrive on action
  • Independent and determined – usually dislike committing yourself

Your character

1. Easy-Going, but Action-Oriented

You are results-oriented. When there is a problem, you want to quickly understand the underlying cause and implement some type of solution. You are often described as quiet, but with an easy-going attitude towards others.


 2. Enjoy New Experiences

You enjoy new experiences and may often engage in thrill-seeking or even risk-taking behaviors. You often engage in risky or fast-paced hobbies such as motorcycling, hang gliding, bungee jumping, surfing or ice hockey. In some cases, you may seek out adventure by choosing careers in areas such as racing, flying, or firefighting.


 3. Logical

You tend to be very logical and enjoy learning and understanding how things operate. You might take apart a mechanical device just to see how it works. While you are good at understanding abstract and theoretical information, you are not particularly interested in such things unless you can see some type of practical application.

Because you are so logical, you are good at looking at situations in an objective way and avoiding subjective or emotional factors when making decisions you can be difficult to get to know, often because you are focused so much on action and results rather than on emotions.

You prefer to focus on the present and take on things one day at a time. You often avoid making long-term commitments and would rather focus on the “here and now” rather than think about future plans and possibilities.

Famous people with your personality

A number of famous individuals have been described as having your personality based on analysis of their lives, works, and behaviors. Some of the possible famous people include:

  • Tom Cruise, actor
  • Keith Richards, musician
  • James Dean, actor
  • Clint Eastwood, actor
  • Zachary Taylor, U.S. President
  • Chuck Yeager, U.S. Air Force officer
  • Alan Shepherd, astronaut
  • Amelia Earhart, aviator
  • Frida Kahlo, artist
  • Tiger Woods, golfer

What do you like to do?

Popular hobbies for you include magic and comedy, archery, weaponry, hunting, scuba diving, rappelling, aviation, skydiving, motorcycles, and other extreme sports. You are often drawn to risky or thrilling activities and those that allow you to work with something mechanical.

Interesting facts about your personality type

  • On personality trait measures, score as Critical, Detached, Guarded, Independent, and Resourceful
  • Commonly found in populations of male college scholarship athletes
  • More likely than other types to suffer cardiac problems
  • Lowest ranked of all types in using social coping resources
  • One of four types least satisfied with their marriage or intimate relationship
  • Among types least likely to complete college
  • Personal values include Autonomy; at work, value Stability, Security, Independence, and Achievement
  • Commonly found in skilled trades, technical fields, agriculture, law enforcement, and military occupations

How do you like to communicate?

You are often reserved communicators, preferring action to conversation. You like to do what needs to be done and may grow impatient with discussion that does not turn quickly to action. You are often observant, picking up on details of the current situation, and evaluate information in a detached and logical way. Typically flexible and tolerant, You are ready to adapt to the situation at hand, but can be bluntly critical if you see inefficiency or incompetence.

Best career choices for you

Because you are introverted, you often do well in jobs that require working alone. You tend to dislike too much structure and do well in careers where you have a lot of freedom and autonomy. Because you are very logical, you often enjoy work that involves reasoning and hands-on experience. In particular, you like doing things that have practical, real-world applications.

By understanding your underlying personality, you’ll be better able to select a career path that appeals to your strengths. Some ideal career choices for you include:

  • Carpenter
  • Surveyor
  • Mechanic
  • Commercial Designer
  • Landscape Architect
  • Building Inspector
  • Forester
  • Farmer or Rancher
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Dental Hygienist
  • ER Physician
  • Chef
  • Photographer
  • Jeweler
  • Securities Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Software Tester
  • Property Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Cost Estimator
  • Economist
  • Budget Analyst
  • Financial Planner
  • Paralegal
  • Criminalist
  • Biologist
  • Geologist
  • Police Officer
  • Firefighter
  • Private Investigator
  • Military Officer
  • Intelligence Agent
  • Airline Pilot
  • Ship and Boat Captain
  • Flight Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Machinist

What career should you avoid

It is important to note that any personality type can be successful in any occupation. However, some occupations are well suited to the natural talents and preferred work style of your personality type, while other occupations demand modes of thinking and behaviour that do not come as naturally to you. Occupations that require you to operate outside your natural preferences may prove stressful or draining, and often sound unappealing to you.

The following occupations have been found to be unpopular among your personality type, based on data gathered from surveys of the general population.

  • Craft Artist
  • Reporter
  • Journalist
  • Actor
  • Urban Planner
  • Market Researcher
  • Clergy
  • Social Worker
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Social Service Director
  • Receptionist
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Dentist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Family Physician
  • Pediatrician
  • Veterinary Technician
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