""The test results were amazing. They confirmed what I thought, and gave me piece of mind that I am where I should be, and I know where I need to go moving forward. It is very helpful and reassuring. It was mind blowing how a few simple questions managed to put together such a concise description of my husband and I. Thank you, for allowing me the opportunity to take the test for free. Shereen is one of the most generous people I have ever come across and I am very grateful.""


Instagram User

"I would like to thank you and Shereen for allowing me to access this test free of charge. I highly doubt I would have took a chance in taking it, not because of the price but because I feel I am not intelligent enough to even consider finding an amazing career for myself. This test has summoned me upto a T, and has made me think that there is hope out there."


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"Since you launched the test, I was dreaming I could take it.Still shocked as reading the results was like someone opened my deep inside and was reading it.I did also share it with a close friend and he called me the second after in shock he couldn't believe how sharp it was.Career wise, I do see myself in some like military, firefighting, ..... but not finance 🙂"


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What People Say

"This test is the most accurate test I have ever taken. We have a deep knowledge about our strengths and talents, but often we are afraid to admit them or to pursue. The test just gives verification to those talents and also gives direction where to move to, what to avoid and delegate. I felt like it described my personality with 200% accuracy, gave me a lot of insights and confirmed the knowledge I already had about myself. I recommend this test to anyone who wants to excel in their career and life."

Olga Gerashchenko

Founder & Creative Director - Save The Date FZE

"Shereen’s guidance and support has given me the confidence to start my own company. I couldn’t be more thankful to have her be my mentor."

Nabila Al Barwani

"As a fan of Shereen's work (via social media) living in Yeppoon, Rockhampton I completed the test and found it to be astoundingly accurate. I am an educator (PhD graduate) working in the private sector and was so excited to read my results - even the not so nice things about me. I sent the link to my teens to get them to fill in the information and utilise the free access. Please pass on my gratitude to Shereen and her wonderful team."

Dr Vaoiva Ponton

"Feel grateful that I had the opportunity to have a fabulous closure to my year and the decade with such an authentic and inspiring MENTOR!"


Check out what clients say

I got my results from the test, it’s scary how accurate it was in terms of personality and career options and the careers I shouldn’t be in. In fact, just to provide some background…I changed my career 3 years ago and became an auditor, and absolutely hate my job.I have no satisfaction in it and this trickles into other parts of my life where I’m unsatisfied across different things in my life and just not in the best mental space (I have constantly doubted myself whether I should change my career again or am I being ‘difficult/picky’ in my expectation, now I know I have been right all along). I have been looking for the appropriate career & personality exam and taken so many but its never been as clear. The result of this test were specific, and exactly what I needed to start making changes with confidence and move towards what I need to do for my future career growth/change.

Thank you for offering this to all of us!!

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Check out what clients say

"I was a little lost in my career and this test has really given me the confidence and insight to take my career forward."

Abeer Ahmed

“The results are so accurate. It defined my personality and traits. It showcased what I should be focused on and what I should avoid"

Marie David 

“I’m going to University next year and I was really stuck on which career direction to choose. The test really helped me in giving me direction”.

Amr Sami

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